Jaffna International Cinema Festival

From 15 to 21 September 2015

Our aim is to celebrate independent cinema in the peninsula, which is recovering from the destruction caused by a 30-year-old armed conflict and war. We believe in using art to reach people and we hope this festival would create a space for communities across borders to interact with each other through cinema.
Anoma Rajakaruna

film-festAt this first edition of the JAFFNAICF 2015, European Film Festival in Sri Lanka collaborate to present 22 award winning and critically acclaimed European films, giving cinema lovers the opportunity to experience 45 European films under the European Panorama at JAFFNAICF 2015.


This Festival is organized by
Ceylon Theatres and the Department of Fine Arts
University of Jaffna with
Agenda 14. 

Recently released and highly acclaimed films from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and The United Kingdom are to be screened.THE NIGHT

Kailasapathy Auditorium
University of Jaffna
57, Sir. Pon Ramanathan Rd, Thrinelvelli, Jaffna

Majestic Cineplex
Hospital Road, Cargils Square, Jaffna

Public Library Auditorium
Main Street, Jaffna

Open Air Theatre
Center for Performing Arts
238, Main Street, Jaffna

Sri Lanka Archive of Contemporary Art, Architecture & Design
199, Temple Road, Jaffna

Entrance to all screenings are free of charge.
Jaffna International Cinema Festival

Ill. Chauranga, India, 2014.