Recently, a Painting Exhibition by Pakkiyarajah Pushpakanthan at Paradise Road Galleries.

Pakkiyarajah holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Jaffna in Sri Lanka. Pushpakanthan has exhibited in group exhibitions organized by the university’s Faculty of Arts, as well as exhibited at Saskia Fernando Gallery in Colombo. Most recently he has exhibited at the ‘Shadow Scenes’ exhibition curated by Natasha Ginwala and Menika van der Poorten as part of Colomboscope 2015.
He draws inspiration much of his experiences in the conflict and trauma of the war in the North.

I use triangles to symbolize riots, war and the stolen past. The triangles also generate energy and power. They signify productivity and with this, pyramids of power and bureaucracy. I have chosen to work with triangles to criticize this very power and bureaucracy, which protects and nourishes inequality. Furniture and other figures fill my triangles. Furniture constitutes an integral space in our everyday lives and helps us sit, sleep, relax, work and study. The bed—a space where we are born, sleep, have sex—and the table—a space where we study and read—together symbolize our day-to-day happiness and sorrows, which have been shattered or burned by war.”


Exhibition open till 14 September 2016
Paradise Road Galleries, Colombo.