Geolitt is a website which allows internet users to find, on an interactive map of Sri Lanka, excerpts of texts in French written in and on various places of Sri Lanka.

PIC GEOLITT BIENVENUEBased on an original idea
Michel Treutenaere,
This site is led by
SURIYAKANTHA Centre fort Art and Culture
the Association of French Teachers in Si Lanka (APF).

Its home port is the Centre for Art and Culture Suriyakantha in the district of Kandy. But its reference territory is Sri Lanka, from Point Pedro to Dondra Head, from Kachchatheevu Island to Sangaman Kanda. GPS data are used to place texts on the territory.
Among my main group of friends are the Sri Lankan Association of Teachers of French (APF), the Departments of Foreign languages of the main Sri Lankan Universities (Peradeniya, Kelaniya…) and the members of the French Alumni. But it’s open to all: any reader, every person of goodwill is welcome to join the circle and propose their favorite texts about various places in Sri Lanka to enrich my database and enchant my readers…

December 1968
Thomas Merton Polonnaruva – a spiritual journey


“Polonnaruwa est un vaste enclos sous les arbres. Peu de monde. Pas de MERTONmendiants. Une route sale.
Je peux approcher le Bouddha pieds nus, sans être dérangé, les piedsdans l’herbe et le sable mouillé.

Alors vient le silence de ces extraordinaires visages.

Ces grands sourires, gigantesques et cependant subtils, emplis de toutes les possibilités, exempts de doutes, omniscients, ne rejetant rien…”

The launching of took place on the 7th of July 2016 at Suriyakantha.